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Fey Salon is your expert hair dresser in Hamburg. For professional hair touch, Fey Salon is the location. We will take care of all your hair dressing needs.

We cannot wait to see you in our salon!

Fey Salon 2024

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Mondays – Saturdays: 9am – 8pm
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What We Offer

We Do All Hair Styles

Our hairstyle offering is vast and encompass all types.

This includes, but not limited to braids, dreadlocks, twists, bangs, blunt cuts, shaving, waves, side parts, bobs, pixie, afro styles, european styles, faux hawk, straight hair, ponytails, buns, updos wavy lobs, buzzcut, and low, straight, messy, mini and smooth Bun.

If there is a particular hairstyle you so much desire, we are a call away. Just call us and tell us what you want, or come with a photo of the hairstyle you want.

We Make Ideal Hairstyle

Excellent cutting skills and precise hairdressing are required to create the best hair cuts and hairstyles. Feysalon’s professional hair stylists have a variety of tools at their disposal to produce the ideal hair cut and style.

Our stylists use high-quality professional hairdressing scissors, as well as clippers or razors, to obtain the desired volume, texture, and movement in the hair.

These vital haircut equipment ensure that every Feysalon client receives precise cutting hair every time.

Which Hairstyle and cut will look best on me?

One of the most common questions we hear is if a certain cut or style would fit you. When advising on hair cuts and hairstyles, Feysalon stylists evaluate a variety of factors, including facial features, and we are regularly asked if we can use hair cutting techniques to disguise physical features by our clients. True, you can conceal some of the features on your face that you don’t want people to see. Contact us now!

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With Bonding you will always stand out!

Dread at Fey Salon


Rock that dread in grand style

Microring at Fey Salon


An elegant style for the modern lady



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Fey Salon 2024


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